Which Song Would You Vote For The Mid-Atlantic Song Contest?

Tell Me Which of My Songs You’d Vote For I just joined the Washington, DC Songwriters Association!  I’ll be submitting a song or two in their Mid-Atlantic Song Contest and want to know, from the demos I have below, which song would you vote for to win?  Keep in mind, these are demos and I

Be My Booking Agent

I’ve decided that for the time being, I’m not going to have one person act as my booking agent.  I’m going to look at it a little bit like crowd funding – I want it to be available to everyone.  You could be my booking agent! For now, if you find me a paid gig,

Music Binds Us Together

I woke up this morning and saw two people had donated to my Kickstarter project while I slept. One of the donors was an old friend from my Kahuku High School days.  For some reason this caused me to do some deep reflection about how music binds us together in unique and meaningful relationships. This

How To Win Personalized Rewards – Help My Kickstarer!

Since I’ve recently moved from Hawaii to Virginia and I’ve started to get my first solo gig offers! The problem is, I can’t do these gigs without a PA system!  My Kickstarter project is an effort to get me ready in the next 14 days for my first big solo gigs.  In other words, help

How To Win 5 Free Albums This Week!

Sign Up and Show Up For My Live Show & Prizes This Week! I’m doing my 4th and final live streaming show this coming Thursday, see details below for time and place.  The three previous streaming shows have gone so well and I’ve loved sharing my music with so many people. For this weeks show

Where Your Demons Can’t Chase You

Every morning it’s the same.  I wake up, hit the shower, breakfast with some reading, kiss my wife and kids, say a prayer before I leave the house, and then I get on the road for my 30-40 minute commute to work.  And then it happens.  It’s subtle, but it happens every time – anxiety

6 Things To Know About This Week’s Show

Giving you more music, Q&A, and prizes! I’ve planned a great show for this week!  With so many new subscribers to my blog I’m excited for so many new people to have a hand in choosing the songs I play this week.  I noticed a few things from these last two online shows that I

Live Home Show #2

Live Home Show – Acoustic The first live show I did from home last week went so well I’m going to do three more!  The next one is this Thursday 24 April @ 9pm EST.  You can sign up below.  You’ll get access to my private show and be entered to win a free digital

Vintage Store Horseshoes and Hand Grenades and a Jingle

CLICK HERE to Like the Fredericksburg, VA vintage store Horseshoes and Hand Grenades on Facebook. Back Story On Valentines Day this year, my wife Echo and I went to Fredericksburg, VA on a date.  We made a reservation at some slick back alley foodie restaurant and then went for a walk while we waited.  Fredericksburg

Orignal Song: Hawaii Is My Home

Download the song Hawaii Is My Home for free HERE! Background on Hawaii Is My Home Ever since I moved away from Hawaii I’ve been thinking about writing an anthem for those who’ve left the island where they were raised.  A lot of friends I’ve grown up with have moved away from the island for

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