Interview: Author Richie Norton

Richie is author of The Power of Starting Something Stupid, a book about crushing your fears, making dreams happen, and living without regret.  You can read a number of posts I wrote about his book here.  Richie was nice enough to sit down with me and talk a bit about his book and tell me about a book that greatly influence him.

Book that influenced Richie: Banker To The Poor by Muhammad Yunus.

Principle from Banker To The Poor that affected Richie: Social entrepreneurship.

Impact of that principle: Started cashmere business in Mongolia, taxi company in Samoa, impacted development of entrepreneurship program at university, eventually wrote a book.

Get to know more about Richie Norton at his site and pick up his free 76-day challenge guide at

You can buy the Power of Starting Something Stupid and Banker to the Poor here:

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