Vintage Store Horseshoes and Hand Grenades and a Jingle

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Back Story

On Valentines Day this year, my wife Echo and I went to Fredericksburg, VA on a date.  We made a reservation at some slick back alley foodie restaurant and then went for a walk while we waited.  Fredericksburg is an amazing old town with great American history.  The founding fathers would spend time in this town discussing the future of the country while drinking at a local tavern, wars were fought here, and every store claims to have a belt buckle worn by a Civil War soldier.  Imagine a million antique stores on every corner, with Civil War re-enactment-type people running the store, and you have a general picture of downtown Fredericksburg.  I love it.

horseshoesandhandgrenadesWhile the wife and I were walking the history-laden streets, we peeked in the window of a vintage store called Horseshoes and Hand Grenades.  We walked in and found the owners there, Mike and Lauren.  Mike is covered in awesome colored tattoos and Lauren is happily running the counter – both were super friendly when we walked in.

Echo and I love everything they have in the store.  They have a great collection of quality vinyls, nostalgic Nintendo cartridge games that made me want to blow on them (you’ll get that if you were born in the 80s), and lots of cool clothes, bags, and comic books.

Echo got courageous and asked, “do you guys have someone who alters your clothes for you?”  They had just lost their seamstress and were looking to hire someone.  Fast forward a few weeks and Echo is handing them some newly altered camo pants and the owners fell in love with her.

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Jingle

While Echo worked on altering the pants throughout the week I really wanted to help their store too.  We knew Mike and Lauren were a younger couple with kids, just like us, and it must be hard to do everything they want to to get their brand rocking.  So, while Echo shared her ability to sew, I thought I could share my music.

I set up some mics, had Echo do a gang vocal shout of “Horseshoes and Handgrenades!” with me, sent it off to my partner in crime at Artemis Audio in Kailua, and a jingle was born for Mike and Lauren’s awesome vintage store.

Last night I got to sit on the sidewalk with Mike and share the jingle with him.  I was so happy to see how stoked it made him.  I told him, “It’s yours to do what you need to.  Use in radio, YouTube, whatever.”  Come to find out, the guy is a drummer and has a recording background – he can appreciate what it takes to make a jingle.  I couldn’t have been more happy to have helped and know that it’ll do awesome stuff for their store.

Looking forward to the projects they get to use it for and the progress of their store.

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