New Album – Week 2 Demos and Survey

Click HERE to listen to three new raw songs I wrote last week: I Will Never Give Up, Nothing Better, and Thanks to You.  After you’ve listened to the songs from this week, you can complete the survey below and help me choose which of these three songs has the best potential to be a great fully produced song and for my new record.

Stories Behind the Songs

I Will
Perseverance.  We are all born with childlike dreams that inspire and make us believe we can do great things.  As we grow older, those dreams are challenged for a number of reasons and we can choose to give up or keep fighting.  Don’t ever give up on the things that make you truly happy.

Nothing Better
There is nothing better than close friends and family.  These lyrics are about my kids, but they apply to any close relationship.  Each one of my kids brings a unique light to my life and bringing them into this world and raising them is no easy task.  They’re going to make mistakes, no doubt, but it’s worth it.  Their fearlessness, their smiles, and their company is priceless – there’s nothing better.

Thanks to You
Thanks to certain people, we learn to be good.  This song is specifically about my dad, Garth Allred, but this applies to anyone who has been inspired, influenced, and taught to stand up for what is right. My dad is one of my heroes.  He taught me amazing things like how to love music, how to think deep, how to be unafraid in front of people, and so many other things.  Even though he taught me the difference between wrong and right, he made some huge mistakes in his life, challenging everything he taught me and others.  But, that doesn’t negate the goodness he did in this life.  Everyone sins, so I (we) shouldn’t judge people for the way they choose to do so.  Stick to the good stuff and be grateful for it.  Thanks to them, we know how to stand up for what’s right.


Complete this survey below, tell me which song you like best, and help me which song to put on my record!


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