New Album – Week 3 Demos and Survey

Week 3 Demo Titles

Here are three new raw songs I wrote last week: Rebel, Life Raft, and Worst of Me/Best of Me.  After you’ve listened to the songs from this week, tell me which one you like the most. Complete the survey below and help me choose which of these three songs has the best potential to be a great fully produced song and for my new record.  If you haven’t already done so, listen to the music from previous weeks and vote on those songs too. Week 2 | Week 1

Stories Behind the Songs

Don’t back down when you’re standing up for what’s right.  Be willing to be rebellious regardless of the circumstances or who you have to challenge.  Got this idea from a confrontation I have in Paia, Maui years ago.  My band was playing a venue and they closed the show down early before we got to play.  The security guard was a 300lbs fella and was demanding we pay him $250 as the organizers of the event.  I got a little rebellious and refused. 

Life Raft
Sometimes we find we’ve made decisions that put us in a position less than what we had hoped. But we find hope in people, ideas, or change.  My specific story is that I see this project and music as my life raft right now – emotionally and career-wise. We need to cling to those life rafts and be willing to sacrifice everything for them. 

Worst of Me/Best of Me
Sometimes the worst in us gets the best of us, but the right people will remember the good things we’ve done in life.  Me specifically, sometimes I can be too direct or too honest.  I’ve also been told I have a hard time hiding my frustration.  But the people that matter, my kids, my good deeds one, two, and three, they will remember the best of me.


Complete this survey below, tell me which song you like best, and help me choose which song to put on my record!

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