New Album – Week 10 Demos and Survey

Week 10 Demo Titles

This is the last week of songwriting for this project!  Here are three new raw songs I wrote last week: Endless Fight, Miles and Miles, and Livin’ the Dream.  After you’ve listened to the songs from this week, tell me which one you like the most. Complete the survey below and help me choose which of these three songs has the best potential to be a great fully produced song and for my new record.  If you haven’t already done so, you can listen to the music from previous weeks and vote on them too.
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Stories Behind the Songs

Endless Fight
This track is about the endless fight of writing music.  It’s a struggle to capture the stories and emotions that really mean something.  It’s an endless fight to write a great song.

Miles and Miles
This track actually comes from lyrics I wrote years ago that I titled “Mileage.”  It’s about how it’s really hard to sing about something if you have no mileage in your life to talk about.  Every line in this song is something that I’ve done or has happened to me.  

Livin’ the Dream
This track is a sarcastic song about the often repeated phrase, “I’m livin’ the dream.”  If living the dream means taking a job you hate and burying yourself in debt, you can have it.

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