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Live Looping Milestone

Here’s a clip of me daring to loop vocals live.  I’ve hesitated to loop my vocals (even though I’ve been doing live looping for the past year) because of all the feedback possibilities.  I finally figured out some of the main culprits of the feedback and gave my audience at Paddy’s in Stafford, VA a taste of what I’ve been working on.  Hope to see you at the next show!

How To Use Guitar Looping

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.39.59 AM Here’s a sample of what guitar looping looks like for me.  I layer lots of ideas and I love how each time I approach looping it can be totally new and fresh, opening up the creative process to me each time.

My son was up all night throwing up, so I chose to stay home and watch him while the wife took care of everything else in our home for the day.  While my boy was watching Thomas The Train, I decided to work on some new looping ideas I’ve been considering.  When I play live I like to start with a short instrumental song that demonstrates the looping I use throughout my shows.  I usually like to make up this short instrumental song on the spot, adding layers, tones, and ideas as I go.  It makes my shows a lot of fun and audiences always respond really well to the uniqueness of looping...