Live Gig Sat 24 Jan 2015!

swamptrashI’ll be opening for my friends Swamp Trash at their new CD release party this Saturday, 24 Jan 2015.  I go on at 8pm.  See all the details HERE.

When we moved to Stafford, VA I felt like I lost my address book because we moved into a place where I didn’t know anyone!  I used to know all the mechanics in town, musicians, cops, and cooks.  In Hawaii, I knew all the venues where I could play with my band, I knew all the managers, I knew all the other bands on the island, and I felt like I had a really good finger on the pulse of the music scene.  And then we moved.  It’s taken a lot of hustle to even begin getting to know bands and venues in the area, but luckily I stumbled across the band Swamp Trash.

Swamp Trash says that they are “all military veterans, have raised families, travele...

How To Be Original by John Locke

Seth Godin, a popular author and blogger, recently wrote, “Just about every successful initiative and project starts from a place of replication. The chances of being fundamentally out of the box over the top omg original are close to being zero.”  This reminded me of four things that seem unrelated, but I promise they are: John Locke’s definition of private property; my family trip to Palmyra, New York; the Foo Fighters newest album; and Sting’s new Broadway production.  They’ve all taught me that being original isn’t about creating something from nothing, it has something to do with what John Lock said about private property many years ago.

Private Property

chop down a treeJohn Locke in his Second Treatise defines private property at length...

Tuesday Gig @ Ritz-Carlton in DC

Flyer This Tuesday @ 6PM I’ll be performing at The Georgetown Professionals Happy Hour held at the Ritz-Carlton Urban Gardens in Washington, DC.

This group does a monthly event and previously I performed at a venue where they were also meeting.  I got to meet one of their organizers after my performance and was asked to play at one of their upcoming events – so here it is!  Here’s a chance to catch me performing in DC and connect with other professionals in the area.

The Georgetown Professional Happy Hour group is dedicated to connecting professionals working in the Georgetown/DC area.  Firms currently associated with this event include:

Foley & Lardner LLP; Carlton Fields Jorden Burt LLC Shalom Baranes and Associates; HOK; Jamestown LP; EastBanc; R2L; Fox Architects; Robert Silman Associate...

First Friday Busking

busking We heard the street crowds are really good in Fredericksburg, VA during First Fridays.  So we got a babysitter and headed out to the streets not knowing what to expect.

I’ve played on the streets of Waikiki for years as a teenager by myself, but my wife had never done it until last night – and she was a champ!

When we first started playing last night I did my usual looping stuff and had fun with that, but no one really gave us any attention.  Once the wife and I started singing a bunch of cover songs together, groups of people would stop, stick around for awhile, and throw money in my hat.  We made a bunch of great new friends this way and here’s a picture of one of the groups that hung out with us.

Thanks so much to the people who generously took money out of their own pockets to show...

You & M.E. First Live Gig

YouandMEThere was an event this past Saturday in Fredericksburg, VA that was part of the Day To Serve.  People made pillow cases deployed military personnel, wrote them letters, collected food for those in need, and a lot of other activities intended to serve others in need.  As part of that, my wife and I were asked to perform during a portion of the day – because we’ve started a band and we’re fairgroundscalling ourselves You & M.E. (Marc and Echo).  While we’ve done a few living room performances or private shows, this was our first live gig and it was awesome.  But since we only have about 5 songs under our belts that we can perform, I had to take up a portion of our slot doing solo work before my cute wife joined me to close out our set...

Street Performing in Fredericksburg, VA

boardI decided last night that I need to get back into street performing.  Growing up in Hawaii, I would often take off from the North Shore of O’ahu so I could play guitar and sing on the streets of Waikiki.  It was so much fun to watch so many different kinds of people walk by as I played and sang.  I’d usually make enough money to buy some food and pay my cell phone bill for the month.

I’ve also been inspired by a musician named Dub FX who is primarily a street performer who has blown up.  He draws insane crowds for his street performances...

How To Use Guitar Looping

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.39.59 AM Here’s a sample of what guitar looping looks like for me.  I layer lots of ideas and I love how each time I approach looping it can be totally new and fresh, opening up the creative process to me each time.

My son was up all night throwing up, so I chose to stay home and watch him while the wife took care of everything else in our home for the day.  While my boy was watching Thomas The Train, I decided to work on some new looping ideas I’ve been considering.  When I play live I like to start with a short instrumental song that demonstrates the looping I use throughout my shows.  I usually like to make up this short instrumental song on the spot, adding layers, tones, and ideas as I go.  It makes my shows a lot of fun and audiences always respond really well to the uniqueness of looping...

Friends @ Amy’s Cafe

amysEven though my gig was cancelled @ Amy’s Cafe this past Saturday, great friends still showed up to hang out and have a good time.  I’m pretty sure we bothered people there with all our laughter.  Even though I didn’t have a chance to play, we still had a great time and wished you had been there!  I’ll let you know when I play there next.

Gig Cancelled Tonight @ Amy’s Cafe

showcancelled__140511152857I just received a last minute cancellation for the gig tonight at Amy’s Cafe in Fredericksburg, VA.  Thank you so much to the loads of people who already showed their support by planning to be there and were making arrangements to hang out with me tonight.  I’ll still be there tonight for a bit if you’d like to join me for food and drinks.  Hope to still see some of you there!


Freedom To Choose – What It Means To Be Human

There is a space, an amount of time, between the moment we experience stimulus and our response.  In other words, when something happens, we always have the freedom to choose how we react.

honeycuttI was listening to a podcast by Srini Rao from the Unmistakable Creative recently and Srini was talking with Kevin Honeycutt.  There has been a running theme lately with Srini and some of his interviews about the gap between stimulus and response.  When talking with Kevin, that gap was compared to a gasket or a grommet.  A head gasket in a vehicle engine allows one piece of metal to respond to the impact of another – it creates a gap which allows wiggle room.  Without that wiggle room the two pieces of metal would destroy each other because they would hit each other hard enough to ruin their value...