Songwriting Workshops


When I find the right group of people, I love to hold a no-cost songwriting workshop.  My 5 Songwriting Tips workshop puts together private groups of 2-3 people via Skype and I take you through the 5 steps I think are fundamental to help you start writing a song.  At then end of the 1 hour workshop you’ll have the pieces necessary to help you start writing a great song – guaranteed.  If you don’t feel I’ve prepared you enough to start writing your own song I’ll work with you privately to help you get there following the workshop.

CLICK HERE to sign up for the next workshop.  I’ll email you my private workbook and you’ll gain access to the next session.


“I had no idea what to expect and was really stoked with how the workshop went. Not only did the workshop give us these tips to writing timeless songs but my eyes were opened. I used to feel like songs just come naturally and come when they are needed…which I feel in different situations they do BUT that doesn’t mean I should wait for these moments to hit! While I’m living and waiting for these inspiring moments STORIES are happening everyday. Marc helped me see this and realize how to write it down and start piecing together a great pattern for creative song writing [how it] can strengthen your ability to create lasting songs.” -Jacob Kongaika aka Cubworld

“This workshop is a great starting point for anyone who is curious about the songwriting process, no matter what genre of music they prefer.” -Peter Winstead

“Before I attended this workshop I thought I was suffering from writer’s block. In less than an hour Marc helped me find the flaws in my writing process and was able to help me patch the holes where my creativity had been leaking out. If you’ve been wanting to get into skypesongwriting or you just need a tune up like me I would recommend taking this workshop. Marc’s face to face feedback is priceless.” -Lehi Sanchez

“Marc has an amazing philosophy and approach to the beginnings of songwriting. He gets to the root of what people enjoy about a song and shares this with students via Skype. If you want to write better, more solid, and enjoyable music for both you and others – check out the ‘5 Tips Songwriting Workshop.’  Marc doesn’t bite, he’s actually quite friendly and patient with people – and he has a huge background in recording and performances. I highly recommend the experience.” -Robb Swanlund