New Album – Week 5 Demos and Survey

Week 5 Demo Titles

Here are three new raw songs I wrote last week: Remember Who You Are, Thanks to the Rain, and Stand Tall.  After you’ve listened to the songs from this week, tell me which one you like the most. Complete the survey below and help me choose which of these three songs has the best potential to be a great fully produced song and for my new record.  If you haven’t already done so, you can listen to the music from previous weeks and vote on them too.
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Stories Behind the Songs

Thanks to the Rain
This song talks about how we are like trees that need wind and rain to grow stronger.  It is because of our struggles, our wind and rain, that we grow stronger.  Specifically for me, this is about seeing one of my heroes fall and losing a loved one.  Those are specific examples that I consider to be the wind and rain that has strengthened me and made me a stronger man.  Thanks to the rain, I have deeper and stronger roots.

Stand Tall
This track is about standing tall in spite of people challenging what you know the be right.  I have a few specific experiences where I was amazed that I was the only person in a group willing to do what everyone knew was right.  Never give up and stand tall regardless of the circumstances.  

Remember Who You Are
This track is about remembering the battles you’ve won and the strength you have regardless of the fear and doubt you may have at different stages of life.  When things look tough, remember the paths you’ve already walked and remember you are someone strong.  Remember the words of inspiration you’ve heard through your life and use them against the darkness.

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